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Am a Ex.Civil Servant and I worked in Ministry of Defence,Ministry of Communications,Ministry of Planning & Programme Implementation Ministry of Food Processing Industries,Ministry of Tourism,Ministry of Welfare President & CEO of JTM,President, Reliance Infocomm.

Political Lineage

Belongs to one of the reputed families of Andhra Pradesh :

KV Ramakrishna Reddy (Father) - Lok Sabha Member (Hindupur) 1957 – 1967
Neelam Sanjiva Reddy (Mother’s Brother) - Former President of India (1977 – 1982)
Mulka Govinda Reddy (Paternal Uncle) - Rajya Sabha Member (1958 – 1984)
Tarimela Nagi Reddy (Maternal Uncle) - Veteran Marxist Leader (MP & MLA 1951-72)
TN Viswanatha Reddy (Paternal Uncle) - Lok Sabha Member(1962 – 1967)
Dr.K.Mohan Reddy (Elder Brother) - Ex MLA

Work Experience - Civil Services :

Joined Allied Services (through IAS, Etc. Exams) in 1978 in the Ministry of Defence and has worked for over 16 years in the following Ministries in Delhi

Ministry of Defence:

Dealt with various subjects in the Ministry such as:
Battle Tanks and their Deployment.
Military Training and General Staff.
Army Sports.
Promotions and Postings of Brigadiers and above,etc.
Ministry of Communications:

Dealt with Telecom Sector with people like Sam Pitroda. Contributed immensely for Policy formulations in this Sector
Oversaw the management of Departments of Telecom (present BSNL), MTNL and Public Sector Undertakings like ITI, HTL, VSNL, etc.
Upgraded exchanges to Electronic and then to Digital Electronic.
Introduced Long Distance calling on a large-scale by introducing STD.
Fiber Optic cable lines were commissioned on massive scale.
Introduced indigenous C-Dot Technology in India.
Differential tariff regime, a revolutionary concept those days, was my contribution to India
Ministry of Planning & Programme Implementation :

Has dealt extensively with the Plan Process and Budgets of States and the Centre.
Monitoring of all Mega Projects of Govt of India.
Submission of Monitoring Reports to the Prime Minister’s Office.
Ministry of Food Processing Industries :

Formulated the First Food Processing Policy of India.
Deep-sea Fishing.
Creating backward and forward linkages in Agri-production.
Develop Cold-storage chains in India.
Licensing of Breweries and Distilleries.
Ministry of Tourism

Received the Millionth Tourist of India.
Developed novel tourist circuits like Buddhist Circuit, etc.
Implemented the First CRZ(Coastal Regulatory Zone)Rules.
Oversaw the Management and Restructuring of Public Sector Undertaking, ITDC.
Ministry of Welfare :

Dealt with the welfare of SC and ST.
Physically and Mentally Handicapped.
Drug abuse.
Created TRIFED (Tribal Marketing Federation).
Private Sector :

Promoted Companies in the following Sectors :

Identification Technology.
Infrastructure .
President & CEO of JTM : Then the largest mobile service operator in South India and Punjab with Telia of Sweden, Jasmine of Bangkok as partners.

President, Reliance Infocomm- one of the largest mobile network operators in India.

Present :

Apart from Politics, active managing own businesses.

Languages Known : Telugu, Hindi, English, Tamil, Kannada and some Oriya & Punjabi.

Travel :

Widely traveled all over the World.
Extensively traveled across all States of India – North to South and East to West.
Other Activities :

Sports – Avid sportsman. Participated in National Championships in Handball. Played University-level Cricket. Associated with National Level Sports Boards.
Debates, Elocutions and other Extracurricular Activities :
Been an extensive and meaningful debater at different fora.

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